Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Party

Tonight was the Columbus Chippers Annual Christmas Party. About 25 people showed up to exchange gifts and share in the fellowship.
Some of the gifts are as follow:

An apple lovespoon by Laura Jenkins

Turtle for "Chainsaw Ted" by Jim Miner

Mike Clevinger's gifts

Turned and burned by Ron Gardner
Paul Herbeck's bark spirit face

Another lovespoon by Jerry Rittgers

Lovespoons were in abundance tonight with this one from Steve Larrick

A Stag burnt into an apple section by Kimberly Maas

Lori Andrews' miniature horse head box

Lovespoon by Ashley Alkire

Doug McBride's Santa caricature composition

Joseph Poindexter's oak scrollsaw piece 

Leeann and Joseph Poindexter's chip carvings

Al Jablonsky made a Fallen Feather box

John Beach's relief Santa

Forrest Smith's relief carving

Last but not least, it turned out we have a birthday boy too. Today is Doug McBride's birthday. His daughter provided a birthday cake and an extra gift. Oh, yes, and a hearty round of "Happy Birthday" added to his special day.

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