Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Business Meeting

February  17, 2015


1.      Call to Order                                                                                                  Keith

2.      Program – Tree & Wood Identification (ODNR)                                         Graham

3.      Treasurer’s Report                                                                                         Dave

4.      Old Business                                                                                                   Keith

a.      Show Coordinator Sign-up                                                               Keith

b.      Insurance search                                                                                Dave

c.       Appoint Secretary                                                                             Keith

d.      501c3                                                                                                  All

e.      Need for a Program Director?                                                          Keith

f.        Volunteers for Program Director                                                     All

g.      Librarian Concerns                                                                            Lori

5.      New Business                                                                                                 Keith

a.      Overall Goal for Club                                                                        Keith

b.      Club Name                                                                                         Keith

c.       Annual Show Status                                                                          Graham

d.      Road Trip Programs                                                                          Graham

6.      Show & Tell                                                                                                    All

7.      Adjourn

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last Day at the Columbus Woodworking Show

Wrapping up our presentation at the show are Joseph and Leeann Poindexter, Graham Webb III and Dave Thomas. They reported that the traffic was a bit light - considering the weather, we are lucky anyone showed up. But the roads are cleared and attendance should improve.