Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 17th Business Meeting


Since the December meeting will in essence be a social event, the upcoming
November meeting will be our last opportunity to conduct 2015 business. That
makes it a very special meeting, so, members, please plan to attend. The
following is the agenda as it is at this point:

Business Meeting
November 17, 2015 – 6:00 p.m.
Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club

1. Call to Order                                                Keith
2. Program – “Using a Mallet in Carving”      Dave Thomas
3. Treasurer’s Report                                       Dave
4. Secretary’s Report                                        Leeann
5. Old Business
      a. Sauder Recap                                         Ashley/Kimberly
      b. Artistry in Wood Recap                        Joseph
      c. Trees to Treasures 2015 Recap             Graham
      d. Scout Aspect                                         Jim Miner
      e. Show Participation by Chippers           Keith
6. New Business Keith
      a. Recommendations for the Future          Keith
      b. Income – Dues & Table fee increase    Keith
              i. Dues to $17 & Table fee $18-20?
      c. Trees to Treasures 2016 (for Dayton AIW) Keith
              i. October 29th 2016 (Saturday) - Whetstone
              ii. Featured Carver – Lorene (Lori) Andrews
      d. 2016 Other-Club Show Participation      All
      e. Columbus Woodworking Show Booth    Dave Thomas
      f. Columbus Fishing Expo                         Keith
      g. January – Election of Officers – Dues due
      h. Facebook                                                Keith
      i. Other New Business?                              Floor
7. Show & Tell                                                 All
8. Adjourn