Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Sold Out Success

From Trees to Treasures Woodcarving show, sponsored by the Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club, was a tremendous success today. Over 30 exhibitors showed their wares. In addition numerous Cub Scouts were exposed to knife safety and carving techniques. In addition to the pictures below, go to the Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club Facebook page. Joseph Poindexter has posted many more excellent shots of the day's activities.

Henry Becker's Carvings

 Members from the Coshocton Carvers (Green Shirts) exhibited and visited with our members.

Henry Becker and Doug McBride

Our Featured carver Bruce Henn

Ashland carvers were represented by a few different members - Allen Woods is in the yellow shirt.

Kathy Overcash showed off her bark carvings.

Sherry Jones, Delaware area carver, exhibited her masterful reliefs and small animal carvings.

Our own Ted Scherer provided his chainsaw pieces. Shown is Ted's daughter and member John Delphia.

Chipper Steve Larrick carves as he compares the Chippers and the Land of Legends Carvers with Thelma Langerwese.

Steve Cloud exhibited his wands and spoons. He also helped with the stone carving exhibit.

Down from Wooster - Ed and Roberta Allen.

Gina Woods, Ashland (KY) Carvers, looks over Dave Thomas' display.

The canes are Jerry Rittgers' and that's Harry Hall on the phone.

Tom Hindes' miniatures display was even more intriguing than in past years.

Joe Seaver had everything from bark carving to scrimshaw.

Laura Gorum had her Welsh Lovespoon display. Chippers members Kimberly Maas and Ashley Alkire are in the background.

Cora Hursey was filling in for Jim Miner at his table as Jim handled the Cub Scout aspect of our show.

Steve Herbert, down from Delaware, had a rich and varied display.

Paul Herbeck with his bark carvings and finished burl displays.

Forrest Smith transferred from Johnny Appleseed carvers in Mansfield this year, and we are glad he did. his works are jaw dropping.

Whetstone Carvers of Marion took part, raffling a mantelpiece for their clubs coffers.

John and Ann Marie Beach

Realistic Buffalo head by Lori Andrews (bison if you want get picky about it)

Cobra walking stick by Lori Andrews carved in cedar.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Sell-out Show

GREAT NEWS! Every exhibitor spot has been reserved. This Saturday will be a full-house show. Don't miss out on it. 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Whetstone Community Center.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chippers Christmas Gift Exchange

At the October business meeting we exchanged names for the gift exchange in December. For the newer members this is a carving that takes approximately 5 hours to create.

A number of folks were not able to attend - some who normally like to participate in the exchange. If you wish to participate, SEND ME AN EMAIL THIS WEEK - I will assign a recipient for you next weekend (by our show at Whetstone). If I don't hear from you by next Friday, I will assume you do not wish to participate in the gift exchange.

So far, there are 20 members in the exchange. Looks like it will make for an interesting night.


The Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club Exhibits at the Sauder Woodcarving Show in Archbold, Ohio

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pieces for the Sauder Show and Artistry in Wood


As most of you know, we are exhibiting at both the Sauder show (Oct 24 & 25) and
Artistry in Wood (Nov 14 & 15). Now, a major concern is how we get our
individual pieces to the exhibits. I will collect pieces tomorrow morning
(Wednesday) at Whetstone and at our business meeting October 20th at Whetstone.
Ashley and Kimberly will get them back to us after Sauder. Unfortunately we do
not have another business meeting before Artistry in Wood, so if you have any
pieces you want to have in AIW also, we need to get a way to get them to Joseph
Poindexter (he and Leeann are handling the AIW show).

We CAN handle some of these things down the road (Joseph can get a lot of them at the Chippers show on October 31st), BUT it is very important to get the pieces to me this week. That will get the ball rolling. Tomorrow morning - next Tuesday night.


Agenda for the October 20th Meeting

Business Meeting                                    

October 20, 2015                          

            Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club



1.      Call to Order                                                                                                 

2.      Program – “Carving Nametags”                                                                   Joseph Poindexter

3.      Treasurer’s Report                                                                                         Dave

4.      Secretary’s Report                                                                                        

5.      Program Director                                                                                          Joseph

a.      Next Meeting – “Using the Mallet”                                                 Joseph

b.      December – Christmas party

6.      Old Business                                                                                                  

a.      Sauder                                                                                                Ashley/Kimberly

b.      Zoo Fall Fest                                                                                       Steve

c.       Artistry in Wood                                                                               Joseph

d.      Trees to Treasures 2015 Status                                                        Graham

                                                              i.      Ohio Magazine

                                                            ii.      Scout Aspect                                                                          Jim Miner

e.      Logo Contest                                                                                      Keith

7.      New Business                                                                                                 Keith

a.      Trees to Treasures 2016 (for Dayton AIW)                                      All

b.      Columbus Woodworking Show Booth                                            Dave Thomas

c.       Christmas carving exchange                                                             All

d.      Columbus Fishing Expo                                                                     Keith

e.      Veterans Eagle Head Canes                                                              Keith

f.        Other New Business?                                                                        Floor

8.      Show & Tell                                                                                                    All

9.      Adjourn

Friday, October 9, 2015

Columbus Chippers to Show at Sauder Village

Hello All,

The Columbus Chippers will be staffing a table at the upcoming Sauder Village Woodcarving show.

Dates are October 24th and 25th - the week before our own Trees to Treasures Show.

Our table will be totally a "NOT FOR SALE" table. There are just too many hoops to jump through in a couple weeks - maybe next year. Nevertheless, I hope a number of you will bring in some pieces to exhibit.

Everything will need to be brought in by our October 20th business meeting. I will collect our exhibits and do the setup.

The lion's share of the show will be handled by Ashley and Kimberly, so let's not leave them staffing an empty table.

October 20th - bring in your work that you'd like to show.