Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pieces for the Sauder Show and Artistry in Wood


As most of you know, we are exhibiting at both the Sauder show (Oct 24 & 25) and
Artistry in Wood (Nov 14 & 15). Now, a major concern is how we get our
individual pieces to the exhibits. I will collect pieces tomorrow morning
(Wednesday) at Whetstone and at our business meeting October 20th at Whetstone.
Ashley and Kimberly will get them back to us after Sauder. Unfortunately we do
not have another business meeting before Artistry in Wood, so if you have any
pieces you want to have in AIW also, we need to get a way to get them to Joseph
Poindexter (he and Leeann are handling the AIW show).

We CAN handle some of these things down the road (Joseph can get a lot of them at the Chippers show on October 31st), BUT it is very important to get the pieces to me this week. That will get the ball rolling. Tomorrow morning - next Tuesday night.


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