Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Agenda for the April Meeting - April 21, 2015 - Whetstone Community Center Room A - 6:00 p.m.



Business Meeting                                    

April 21, 2015                       

            Columbus Chippers Woodcarving Club


150 years ago, Lincoln’s Funeral Train left DC for the final trip to Illinois


1.      Call to Order                                                                                                  Keith

2.      Program – “Carving Small Characters”                                                        Jim Miner

3.      Treasurer’s Report                                                                                         Dave

4.      Secretary’s Report                                                                                         LeeAnn

5.      Program Director                                                                                          Joseph

a.      Next Meeting – May                                                                         Joseph

b.      Henn Seminar                                                                                    Joseph

6.      Old Business                                                                                                   Keith

a.      Childrens’ Hospital Soap Carving                                                     Jim & Dan

b.      Brukner Show Followup                                                                   Keith & Dave

c.       Show Coordinator Sign-up                                                               Keith

d.      Brown County Display July 25th                                                        Keith

e.      State Fair                                                                                            Joseph

f.        Carving in the Mountains                                                                 Keith

g.      Trees to Treasures Status                                                                 Graham

                                                              i.      Demos?

                                                            ii.      Vendor 10%

                                                          iii.      Notices – Chip Chats, WC Illustrated, Ohio Mag

7.      New Business                                                                                                 Keith

a.      Scout Coordinator                                                                             Keith

b.      Veterans Eagle Head Canes                                                               Keith

c.       Logo Contest?                                                                                    ???

d.      Other New Business?                                                                        Floor

8.      Show & Tell                                                                                                    All

9.      Adjourn

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